What U Missed: Helping Youth Flourish - Miami 3/22

If you serve children and youth and would you like to encourage and equip them to be more self-reliant and able to solve some of the challenges in their lives, then check out this video from last month's Made to Flourish Miami event.

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How We Serve Families and Children

Our next generation is at risk. Too many families, youth, and children in South Florida are facing a future of poverty, neighborhood violence, broken families, and the absence of positive role models to turn to for wisdom and guidance.

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How We Serve Organizations

At Hope for Miami, our goal is to build flourishing South Florida communities but we know that we can't do it alone. That's why we're committed to resourcing, networking, equipping and empowering organizations and ministries to better serve our neighbors.

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Find the Volunteers You Need....NOW

Hope for Miami wants to help you recruit, manage and retain your own volunteers for the important work you do in our city. Contact us about free and helpful tools and advice so you can begin today!

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Help Us Restore Hope to Miami

Hope for Miami is dedicated to "reweaving" South Florida communities into places of flourishing and wholeness. But we can't do it without your support. Your donations and in-kind assistance can enable us to serve many more children, youth, and families throughout Miami-Dade.

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What We Do:

Hope for Miami helps nurture families through effective programs for children and youth and strengthens organizations by connecting them to helpful resources, training and relationships so that our communities thrive..

  • Direct Services 
  • Information & Resource Sharing
  • Workshops & Consulting
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Networking  
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