College Essay Guy:Teachers, Students, Check out These Free Resources

I’m really excited. I haven’t been this inspired in a while.


This year I’ve gotten requests from counselors all over the world for college essay workshops. But I felt kinda' sad.

Sad that I had to say “No” so many times when my favorite word is "Yes." I'm just one human and my wife and daughter probably wouldn't like me being gone that much (real talk: neither would I).

So I thought:
Why should I be the only one to deliver these workshops? There are thousands of amazing counselors who know their students really well and are totally capable of delivering a workshop.

So I’m giving it all away.


The Complete Guide to Delivering a Life-Changing College Essay Workshop

Teachers, here's the pitch: Wouldn’t it be GREAT to have all of your students DONE with their Common App essays before fall of Senior Year? How can we make that happen together? (I think it’s possible.)

I'm working on the guide every day, and my plan is to be done by March 15.

But, as I work on this guide, I’d love to get feedback from you, the teachers and counselors who may use it:

Do you lead college essay workshops? If not, what's stopping you?

How much time would you spend going through a guide like this (i.e. how long should it be)?

What's the biggest thing your students are challenged by when it comes to writing?

Would you prefer to lead a one-hour workshop? Three-hour? One-week?

This guide will work for counselors with caseloads of 60 or 600 (really).

I’d love to hear from you in two ways:

If you work with students on college essays, I invite you to join the College Essay Forum Facebook group, a private group for teachers and counselors. 

You'll get the first look at what I'm cooking up in the kitchen, plus a chance to interact with me (and others!) to discuss best practices. Click Request to Join.
 Just be sure that there’s something in your Facebook profile that indicates you’re a public, private, or independent counselor working with students. If you don't have something on your profile, request to join and just message my brother Nick via Facebook. He's in the group.)

Once there, fill out this simple form with just a few questions that will help me create the best possible resource for you, the professional.


Excited to hear from you,


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