Great Helps for Those Headed to College

From The College Essay Guy

Hope your March is going beautifully. And now, some late-winter inspiration to carry you into spring.


The Ultimate Interview Guide - Interview season is mostly over, but for your final college interview prep or on-campus visit needs, check out my and Monica James’sfull interview guide here and also this post on commonly asked interview questions. Want the 90-second version? Check out the link at the top of the guide.

How to Get TONS of Outside Scholarships - Apps are (hopefully) in and (most) decisions are a few weeks away. How do you actually pay for college once you’ve been accepted? Institutional scholarships are great, but they don’t always cover 100% of tuition and expenses. Enter The Scholarship System. My friend Jocelyn gives free trainings and publishes a blog on how to secure tons of outside scholarships. She covers the most common mistakes students make when searching for scholarships, the amazing scholarship search trick she teaches students to avoid scams, and everything else you need to effectively find and secure tons of scholarships. Learn more here.

College Fair Guide - It’s college fair time. Want to know how to make the most of your college fair experience and make a great first impression? Check out my full College Fair Guide here. Spoiler: If you’re thinking about winging it, maybe read this instead.

College Essay Brainstorming - Starting to think about potential topics for that college essay? Here are 12 of my all-time favorite college essays on a single page. Ready to start your first draft already? Check out my free one-hour guide here.

Spring College Essay Workshops - Planning your spring college essay workshop? Check out my College Essay Workshop in a Box for a tried-and true curriculum for delivering a life-changing college essay workshop. (I’ve used this exact process to deliver hundreds of college essay workshops in the US and abroad.)

Want me to guide your juniors through the essay writing process? Every year, I walk a few thousand students through the essay process through local in-person workshops and my live and recorded video course. Want to learn more?

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