S FL Church Leaders: A Network Just for You

The Big Picture:  Hope for Miami has launched Made to Flourish S FL a relational network of S FL pastors and church leaders seeking the flourishing of our communities. Our purpose is to encourage, care and pray for one another as we become equipped to lead our congregations in "whole-life" discipleship.

Bi-monthly Gatherings:  What's it all about ? You serve the Lord by ministering to others each day. It's not always easy. 

We'd like to minister to and with you with a free breakfast or lunch event near you ! 

During our time together, we’ll enjoy fellowship, sharing, mutual encouragement, a great meal and we’ll discover how to help those we serve to connect their Sunday faith to all of life. It's free and we'd love having your presence, perspective and voice among us.

We've hosted events in April and June and more are to follow!

HERE'S A LINK with details, schedule of activities and registration.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us     info@hopeformiami.org


Dave Lopez and Rick Sawyer, Made to Flourish Miami City Directors


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