Connect4Miami strengthens faith and community-based groups by linking them to

> Volunteer opportunities and tools for recruitment, management
> Helpful resources and relationships 
> Project and event management tools 
> In-kind donations, donor recruitment and tracking
> Training workshops and conferences

Here's how.

1. Volunteering - Looking for volunteers or a volunteer opportunity? 

2. Tools to lighten your workload-  All you'll need to help you.... 

> Spread the word about needs your organization or others have
> Recruit and manage volunteers for your local or international activities
> Recruit and manage "internal volunteers" for your congregation or organization
> Schedule and manage events and out reach activities 
> Advertise, accept and track in-kind and financial donations
> Work with ministry or community partners and others more efficiently 

3. Organizational Strengthening and Resources 

Hope Institute - an online repository of hundreds of downloads, websites, webinars and live trainings for organizational, ministry, program and personal development.

Organizational Development    

Ministry Development       

Personal Development    

What's Happening  the latest news of conferences, training workshops, events, information on funding opportunities, help with grant writing and helpful resources, in S FL and beyond.


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