Life Calling: Reweaving work with faith

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Did You Know? Over half our waking hours are spent on the job but the majority of us are unsure how our work serves God and others? Most say that their work is less valuable than their pastor's and 60% have no clarity about their calling in life. How do we "love God and our neighbor" while working each day? 

Is it even possible to find deeper meaning to our lives through our efforts in the workplace ?

Life Calling A New Initiative: - In order to help us successfully integrate work, faith and all of life, Hope for Miami has begun a new endeavor, Life Calling.  

The Plan 

Presenting Made to Flourish: Key to our efforts is our partnership with Made to Flourish , a national network dedicated to helping pastors and church leaders assist their congregations to effectively connect Sunday worship to Monday work.  

Life Calling "Clusters": And to help all of us to better integrate our faith to daily work, Hope for Miami has also created Clusters,  small groups which will explore together how to "connect Sunday to the rest of the week".                                                                                                                         

Here's what they'll look like.

Who Can Participate? 

Clusters are for anyone who'd like  to meet with others at churches, ministries, work places, businesses, restaurants, homes, (anywhere!) to find greater meaning to work. Together, we'll  "Link, Learn and Live" !

What will Happen in the Clusters?

Link: Using the latest technology, groups will connect to important Information and find key Resources while enjoying quality time with Others seeking the path to "vocational stewardship".

Learn:  Then, we'll study and reflect on what the Bible teaches about work and vocation and we’ll also explore related topics. In addition, we'll listen to each other as we share what we're learning.

Live:  Finally, we'll encourage each other to go into our places of work recreation, our homes, communities and churches and apply what we've learned. And hopefully, we’ll replicate this "whole-life" approach with others as we all follow Jesus, wherever we are.

When Will Clusters Meet? 

Individual Clusters will meet whenever they choose. Then, we'll all gather regularly as a family of Clusters.

Periodic Gatherings:  To further strengthen our efforts, we'll all meet together on a regular basis as Clusters for food and fellowship, networking, prizes and a special presentation.

Join us! And so, we cordially invite you to come with us as we journey together towards discovering deeper meaning to our lives life through our Life Calling

Please use this convenient LINK to indicate your interest in being part of Life Calling


More information

Rick Sawyer  786.223.9698   ~

Doug Hale   (305) 720-5710 ~

Life Calling Dinner and Presentation Event Thanks to each of you who joined us November 17 for our dinner and special presentations!

Dr. Amy Sherman, our guest speaker addressed the importance of connecting our faith to our daily jobs and how several groups throughout the US are seeing city transformation taking place through "vocational stewardship" 

 Then, Rick Sawyer, CEO of Hope for Hope for Miami outlined plans to officially start Life Calling in the New Year.  

For those who were not able to join us, we invite you view and listen to the presentations discover how you can be part of this exciting new endeavor.  

Dr. Sherman's presentation HERE

Rick Sawyer's presentation HERE

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