Strengthen your church, ministry or organization, ease staff load & increase your impact at no cost!


The Problem: 

Most faith and community groups struggle to recruit and mobilize volunteers, find needed resources, manage events and communicate effectively with members, partners and others. These days, when social networking and online shopping connect us all so efficiently, tasks and needs are still being communicated and tracked via pen, paper, phone calls and emails. 

The Solution:
MeetTheNeed offers you state of the art solutions to . . . 
  1.  Spread the word about needs your organization or others have
  2.  Recruit and manage volunteers for your local or international activities
  3.  Recruit and manage "internal volunteers" for your congregation or organization
  4.  Schedule and manage events and out reach activities 
  5.  Advertise, accept and track in-kind and financial donations
  6.  Work with ministry or community partners and others more efficiently


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